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“Providing unique care, enabling great lives”

At Home Care Group we provide specialised care packages (health and social services), developed and tailored to each and every case. The individual in our care is in a very unique position, as co-designer and co-producer of their own care plan. We frame our care to enable them to make key decisions for themselves and their case. Our person-centred approach sees the people using our service as equal partners in planning, developing and monitoring their own care to make sure it meets their needs, and rightly so. The person, as well as their family, are at the centre of decision making and work alongside us to reach the best possible outcome in each particular case. A person-centred approach does not mean simply giving the individual whatever they want, it means considering their values, desires, social circumstances, lifestyles, and family situation, as well as ensuring their dignity and fundamental human rights, to make a true and collective impact.

We offer a simplified, effective and reliable service in order to provide excellent clinical governance aligned with fundamental human values. We not only encourage co-production of care, but rather it is the basis of our entire philosophy. We are committed to providing privacy, dignified care and own choice, as much as possible without affecting the quality of their care.

Home Care Group was created to respond to a growing need for high quality medical and domiciliary care. In return provides professional M.D.T qualified nurses and highly trained healthcare assistants.  They deliver a cohesive, organised professional care service. Home Care Group also provides wrap around social and recreational services for young people receiving medical care in their home. In the common and out-dated model of home care, the individual is expected to fit into the routine and practices provided by the health care service, as the service provider feels is most appropriate. This is problematic and change is well overdue. There is a genuine need for home care providers to become more flexible in order to meet a person’s needs in a manner best suited to them.

The current home care environment is riddled with chaos and impunity. No one is accountable due to a lack of proper oversight and regulation. HIQA regulates care homes but not home care and this has disastrous impacts on the individual and their basic human rights.

We offer a tried and tested model which shifts away from this old-fashioned, and frankly inadequate care model, and focuses on excellent clinical governance and the minimisation of the person’s disability to provide independence through true choice. By implementing simple and effective policy and procedures we enable a happy, independent life, to the highest extent possible.

We aim to enable our clients to lead a fulfilling life. The core idea and foundation at Home Care Group is equitable access to services fit for purpose and bespoke to each individual. We perform under the principles of person-centred and co-produced care. Our service includes, but is not limited to:

  • Management of the in-home medical care;
  • Development and implementation of person centred planning;
  • Roster management;
  • Supplier and supply management and oversight;
  • Development and implementation of medical care plans; and
  • Co-ordination and liaison with Multi-Disciplinary Teams.

Home Care Group provides care teams with dedicated house managers. They are responsible for the ongoing management of one-to-one care services that are tailored to unique needs.

Each person we work with is assessed for their care and social needs and a staffing unit is provided to support delivery. We are set up to support complex injuries and share the load of loved ones involved in their care.

We give the person a voice in the way their lives are facilitated. Individuals in our care can say, “This service has been created for me, I am the most important person”.

If you would like to know more or to get involved please don’t be shy and contact us here.